PointCentral announced today that it has completed a two-way integration of its smart home platform with vacation rental property management system Direct


Wes Smithe in Integrations on May 7th, 2019

PointCentral Integrates Smart Home Automation Features with Direct®

Portland-based PointCentral, the recognized leader in enterprise-scale Property Automation solutions for short-term vacation rental and long-term residential property managers, today announced they have integrated their smart home property automation technology with Chicago-based Direct®, makers of a Property Management Software (PMS) for vacation rental managers. The integration provides a robust technical interface that links PointCentral Smart Home keyless solutions to the Direct vacation rental software, further automating how VRMs can leverage technology to improve their operations, delight guests and keep homeowners happy.

"We're extremely excited to announce our relationship with PointCentral," said Wes Smithe, co-founder & CEO at Direct. "Both of our systems are innovative and powerful, and this seamless integration will support managers using PointCentral who are looking for a next-gen PMS, and allow managers using Direct to take home automation to the next level."

" By integrating PointCentral technology with PMS platforms, like Direct, vacation rental managers can manage access and other smart home property automation technology directly within their software.  "

By incorporating keyless smart locks and thermostats in their properties, vacation rental managers using the Direct PMS can automatically assign temporary lock codes for each guest, as well as both automate and control the HVAC units within their properties The codes are activated on the date and time of check-in and expire on the date and time of check-out, providing guests with the peace of mind knowing the lock codes are unique to their stay, and eliminating the need to stop to pick up or drop off a key. If early arrival is requested, the system can automatically notify the guest when their rental is clean and available for occupancy, at the same time making the lock code available earlier.

"Vacation rental managers are rapidly adopting smart home technology for their properties," said Sean Miller, president of PointCentral. "Keyless smart locks not only provide significant operational efficiencies by eliminating the risks and frustrations associated with keys, they also result in happier guests who appreciate the added safety and homeowners who want their assets protected. By integrating PointCentral technology with PMS platforms, like Direct, vacation rental managers can manage access and other smart home property automation technology directly within their software."

PointCentral Integrates with Direct

PointCentral is now fully integrated with Direct PMS

About Direct®
Direct is the essential enterprise software platform for vacation rental property management with a proprietary channel manager, CRM, free website builder, automated staff workflows, integrated payouts, and much more. Their next-gen software adds tremendous value bringing every feature necessary to run a business under one roof by consolidating or replacing the functionalities altogether, enabling companies to generate more revenue, with less effort, and ultimately at a lower cost than they can by bundling competing platforms.

About PointCentral
PointCentral, a subsidiary of (ALRM), provides short and long-term property managers of single-family and multi-family assets with an enterprise-class solution that monitors and controls Smart Home technology across all properties in their inventory over a best-in-class secure and reliable cellular network – increasing property awareness, reducing operational costs and improving resident satisfaction. PointCentral's solutions allow property managers to realize operational efficiencies, enhancing the asset for guests and residents.

  Sean Miller

Sean Miller is CEO and Co-Founder at PointCentral, based in Portland.

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