PriceLabs announced today that it has completed a two-way integration of its revenue management platform with vacation rental property management system Direct


Wes Smithe in Integrations on July 11th, 2019

PriceLabs Integrates Revenue Management Solution With Direct®

Chicago-based PriceLabs, a global leader in revenue and yield management technology for professional vacation rental managers, today announced they have completed an integration with fellow Chicago-based Direct®, a next-generation enterprise Property Management System (PMS) for vacation rental managers.

"We’re very excited to announce our integration with PriceLabs," said Wes Smithe, co-founder & CEO at Direct. “Their system is amazingly powerful, their onboarding process is very organized, and their team is great to work with and constantly innovating. This two-way integration allows vacation rental managers to make data-driven, dynamic changes to pricing and availability as efficiently as possible, a huge leg up for our side of the hotel and lodging industry.”

" As we worked on this partnership and got to learn more, we’ve been extremely pleased by the breadth of capabilities Direct provides as an enterprise-grade property management system.  "

By incorporating the revenue management technology from PriceLabs, vacation rental management companies running on Direct can seamlessly manage pricing and stay restrictions to increase revenues, and save countless hours in the process. In a few clicks managers can connect to PriceLabs within Direct, and within minutes can get an overview of their portfolio’s performance, see which listings need to be updated, and setup account-level customization for full automation. All data is then pushed to calendars within Direct, which then feed to the top marketplaces with their proprietary channel manager, or to the managers websites powered by Direct for increased conversions.

"We’re super excited to be partnering with Direct. Even before we started working together, Wes and his team came highly recommended by people we look up to in the vacation rental industry" said Anurag Verma, Co-founder of PriceLabs. "As we worked on this partnership and got to learn more, we’ve been extremely pleased by the breadth of capabilities Direct provides as an enterprise-grade property management system. The automation tools and workflows they’ve built are great by themselves, but the direct channel connections really differentiates them. It removes that one more layer of complexity that most property management systems have to deal with in the form of a channel manager sitting between them and the OTAs."

PriceLabs integrates with Direct

PriceLabs is now fully integrated with Direct PMS

About Direct®
Rated one of the top vacation rental software platforms in 2019 by, Direct is the essential enterprise software platform for vacation rental property management with a proprietary channel manager, CRM, free website builder, automated staff workflows, integrated payouts, and much more. Their next-gen software adds tremendous value bringing every feature necessary to run a business under one roof by consolidating or replacing the functionalities altogether, enabling companies to generate more revenue, with less effort, and ultimately at a lower cost than they can by bundling competing platforms.

About PriceLabs
PriceLabs is an innovative and easy to use revenue management tool for the vacation and short term rental industry. A data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations to manage pricing and stay restrictions help vacation rental managers increase revenues, and save hours in the process. With integrations to a growing list of channels and property management systems, automated revenue management is a few clicks away.

  Anurag Verma

Anurag Verma is CEO and Co-Founder at PriceLabs, based in Chicago.

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